About Evan

Jade Apparel Ltd. was founded in 1992, with the goal to provide small and medium size apparel companies a reliable high quality production base, as well as a network of the most innovative fabric resources, enabling our customers to develop the most competitive products in the market. The founder, Ed Wells, has been working with factories around the world since 1980, providing strong, long-term relationships in all categories of apparel sourcing. Having worked first on the customer side and then on the supplier side, Ed has a unique perspective as to what is needed to be successful in sourcing apparel and the factory network to ensure this success. Jade Apparel Ltd. is based in Palatine, Illinois and has offices throughout Asia, Central America and Peru with dedicated merchandisers and QC that work around the clock to provide the best service, quality and on-time delivery in the industry.  Communication flows through our US office, providing our customers with timely replies and answers to their questions during their normal working hours. Also, if problems arise, these problems are addressed with an office that is very close by, instead of the other side of the world.


Because of our long relationships with some of the world’s best apparel factories, we can get our customers into factories that manufacture some of the world’s most prestigious labels, whereas their volume would not allow them to do this on their own.  We have this same capability in fabric sourcing, therefore, we can offer both smaller fabric minimums and production runs, to help our customers grow their business with much less risk.


Jade Apparel Ltd. can provide a valuable alternative to your current apparel sourcing programs.  Please contact us to see how we can help build the best possible products to meet all your apparel production needs.

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